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Job Description:

CATE AIX Specialist

Location: Dallas, TX

May perform activities with most of the following:
-MUST BE current CATE (Certified Advance Technical Expert) AIX engineer; with EPIC (Healthcare) Upgrade experience and knowledge; 7-10yrs+
-Evaluates, installs, configures PowerHA for clustered systems; investigating and resolving cluster issues; strong PowerHA experience, 7-10yrs+
-Plans upgrades for heavy VIO experience, AIX OS, NIM, HMC, and PowerHA including documentation, long-range requirements, operational guidelines and protection; 7-10yrs+
-Extensive knowledge of SAN technology; 7-10yrs.
-Designs and implements system requirements for customers and analyzes existing systems.; strong documentation skills.
-Installs and maintains midrange IBM AIX operating systems and related software to ensure stable performance; strong experience with AIX 5.3, 6.1; 7-10yrs+
-Evaluates system specifications, input/output processes, and working parameters for hardware/software compatibility.
-Develops and installs programs to support general business applications.
-Develops scripts on midrange computers such as the IBM AIX based midrange computers.

Job ID 4916
Job Title CATE AIX Specialist
Job Location Dallas, TX
Contract Pay Rate - 56.00
Annual Pay Rate -
# Required 1
Apply To JMS@atr.com

An Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V


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